Aticom srl Brescia trasporti internazionali marittimi aerei e su strada con camion, nave, aereo; container per Europa Africa Asia Nord e Sud America

Aticom srl trasporti internazionali

trasporti internazionali marittimi

trasporti internazionali aerei

trasporti internazionali terrestri su strada e ferrovia

ATI-COM s.r.l. [International Shipping]

Our Company

Ati-Com s.r.l. organizza i tuoi trasporti su ruotaAti-Com s.r.l. is a Company that works in the shipping world since 1985. Our mission is to ship your things everywhere and before.. Our results give us the opportunity to offer you the best service in every international route. Contact us for any type of question or problem.

Ati-Com s.r.l.
25124 Brescia - Italy
Via Repubblica
Argentina n.36
P.Iva 03323350177
+39.030.2426206 / 212
fax +39.030.2426217


New Adress

Ati-Com s.r.l. spedizioni per via aereaWe moved our offices in a new area. New address is via Repubblica Argentina, Brescia. Our phone numbers are the same.

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